Timber Frame for Developments

Timber frame is a fast and cost effective construction method perfect for your next housing development project.

Timber Frame for Housing Developments

Even small housing developments involve a major investment.

You don’t need us to tell you that every week on site is a significant cost, cutting into your profitability.

Timber frame construction accelerates every project dramatically: completing a family house can be anywhere between 30% and 40% faster than when you’re building with bricks and mortar.

The timber frame building method is, of course, just as strong and dependable for three or four-storey townhouses as for the typical two-storey house.

Our engineers use your approved architectural plans to design, cut and prefabricate with painstaking precision any timber elements agreed for the build.

This means that while your builders are busy carrying out groundworks, digging and setting foundations and coordinating utilities, your houses are already starting to take shape back at our factory. Assembly on-site takes place in a matter of days, rather than weeks. And to keep your site uncluttered and your project manager’s stress levels down, we can coordinate parts delivery to suit your schedule exactly.

That speed of installation also means that schedules don’t slip when the rain sets in. In fact, assembly can take place safely whatever the weather. Best of all, you can achieve watertight houses much faster than with brick and block builds. That means the other trades can get to work sooner.

The dry build means that you’ll experience less plaster shrinkage and cracks, too, speeding up the internal finishing and decorating, ready for sale or let.

And the sooner your new houses are ready to go on the market, the sooner you repay any financing arrangements or recoup your locked-in capital.

As with all off-site construction, choosing a timber frame structure means reduced risk of accidents and a lot less material waste and reduced waste disposal costs. An altogether greener and more cost-effective route which, since all our timber is FSC/PEFC certified, will lift your sustainability credentials.

Timber frame has the lowest CO2 cost of any commercial building method and the impressive thermal insulation properties are a persuasive selling point too.

Why use Timber Frame Technology for your property development?

We partner with property developers and house builders to supply timber frame structures for small housing developments.

We’re agile, organised, reliable and cost-effective. So, it’s no surprise that our factory in Bedfordshire doesn’t just supply timber frame structures to housing schemes locally and within our neighbouring counties, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Oxfordshire.

We’ve teamed up with housing developers as far afield as Dorset and even Northumberland. After all, quality and absolute reliability matter wherever you are in the UK.

So does flexibility. We offer a completely bespoke service, defined by your needs and your preferences. Which works best for you?

Tell us how you want to work. Talk to our team today on 01525 370372 or drop us an email to find out more.

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The deliveries all went well, and the delivery driver was really helpful. The frame is coming together nicely, I’d like to thank you for all your help and the great service from start to finish. Will definitely use you for any future projects and will recommend you to others. Thanks again.

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