Timber Frame Construction

Timber frame is a fast and cost effective construction method perfect for most residential development projects.

Timber Frame Construction

Homeowners often ask us why they should choose timber frames for self-builds or extensions.

It’s an increasingly popular choice for new home construction; about 25% of new UK homes are built around timber frame, according to the Structural Timber Association. Of course, it’s almost a misnomer, since timber frame suppliers also supply the external and internal wall panels, and sometimes the floors, to create the entire building envelope.

Advantages of timber frame construction

The advantages of timber frame construction are well documented:

Speed of Construction

  • Timber frame technology employs off-site, precision prefabrication in a factory. This means that your walls and roof trusses are being built even as your foundations and utilities are being laid.
  • The structure of the house or extension is then delivered to site on a lorry, timed according to your project schedule.
  • The physical assembly of a timber structure is, of course, far faster than traditional bricks and mortar building. We’d expect the average three-bedroom house to be watertight in less than a week.
  • Finishing work starts sooner. Because the structure is covered in waterproof membrane – and ready for windows, doors and roof coverings much more quickly – work can begin on external finishes and internal plumbing, electrics, heating, insulating, plasterboarding and fit-out earlier in the schedule.
  • As well as the physically faster rate of construction, and the overlap between building phases, timber frame building work isn’t affected by adverse weather conditions. Even under rain or snow, your project can continue at pace.

Reduced Cost of Construction

  • Per square metre, brick and blockwork construction works out slightly cheaper than timber framed construction. But – and it’s a big but – that minor additional cost is more than paid for by the reduced labour costs with timber builds. Fewer builders are required, for much less time on site.
  • Because of the reduced weight of a timber frame compared with brick and block, in certain circumstances the depth of foundations can be reduced, which may result in slightly reduced groundworks costs.
  • Returning to the subject of weather, there’s far less risk of unforeseen stoppages and project overruns. Projects which run over timescale can carry significant extra costs in financing, alternative accommodation, storage and, of course, labour.

Flexibility and Space

  • Timber frames really can mean grand designs – the engineering input and precision prefabrication allows architects free reign when it comes to designing bespoke homes or meeting unusual planning requirements. This can even include combining with other materials and adding all sorts of cladding.
  • The lighter weights involved can also make for more flexible interior layouts, which large open-plan spaces easy to achieve. Future alterations are therefore also easier; either adding or removing non-load-bearing stud walls is relatively simple and inexpensive.
  • Timber panel walls can often mean a larger internal footprint for occupiers to enjoy, because they have a slimmer profile than brick-built walls, while still meeting building regulations for thermal insulation.

More Environmentally Friendly

  • Timber frame has the lowest CO2 cost of any commercial building method. It also delivers excellent thermal efficiency – coupled with well specified insulation, on which we can advise – which means comfortable living, reduced heating costs during winter months, and a cooler environment when the mercury starts to rise.
  • All of our timber is purchased from certified sustainable sources, ensuring that it meets the relevant FSC or PEFC certification.
  • Off-site construction means less material wasted, and less costly waste to sort and dispose of from building sites.

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